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Banana Lama - Newfoundland Road , Rosalie, Saint David Parish , Dominica
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A Slice of Paradise Awaits

Welcome to Banana Lama: A magnificent retreat in Dominica, carefully curated and passionately crafted by the globetrotting duo, Melissa and Andy.

Embracing a life of adventure, this dynamic couple sailed across the world’s most exotic destinations, but it’s here, in the heart of Dominica, where they’ve chosen to anchor their dreams.

With extensive experience as a captain/chef team on super yachts, their global escapades have honed their expertise in providing unforgettable experiences. They understand the essence of creating memories that linger with you forever.

Melissa, a qualified architect, and Andy, a seasoned captain/engineer, have united their skills and creativity to birth an off-the-grid haven. Nestled in the lush embrace of Dominica, this sanctuary is powered by solar energy and nourished by pure, gravity-fed spring water.

At Banana Lama, every detail is thoughtfully designed to offer you a true ‘home away from home’ experience. Your journey to serenity begins here, where the world’s wonders meet passionate craftsmanship. Book your stay now and embark on a truly unforgettable adventure in the heart of Dominica.

Discover the extraordinary at Banana Lama: Your gateway to a world of boundless beauty and unparalleled experiences.

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