Dominica’s Ultimate 6 Waterfalls Adventure Tour

1 Day


The Ultimate 6 Waterfall Adventure Tour” is a high-octane, one-day expedition designed for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. This thrilling journey takes you on a whirlwind adventure to explore six magnificent waterfalls, each offering a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Participants will be immersed in the natural beauty of these cascading wonders while engaging in various activities like hiking, swimming, and even nighttime exploration.


Day 01 :

1. Victoria Falls: Start your day at Victoria Falls, one of the world’s most famous waterfalls, and witness the sheer power and majesty of this natural wonder.

2. Sari Sari Falls: Journey to the secluded Sari Sari Falls for a refreshing swim and an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

3. Emerald Pool Falls: Enjoy a packed lunch amidst the crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings of Emerald Pool Falls.

4. Spanny 1 Waterfall: Continue your adventure with a hike to Spanny 1 Waterfall, a lesser-known gem.

5. Spanny 2 Waterfall: As the day transitions to evening, explore Spanny 2 Waterfall using headlamps for a unique nightfall experience.

6. Jacko Falls: Conclude your adventure at Jacko Falls, where you’ll savor the ambiance of the waterfall under the night sky.

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Dominica’s Ultimate 6 Waterfalls Adventure Tour